Three Changes Your Children Will Need To Make In A Gated Community

Moving to a new home means adjustments in the family all around. The adults will need to learn a brand new route to work and adjust to new bills. Children will have a different set of friends that live in their neighborhood and they will need to get on a new bus or will have a different commute. If your new family home is within a gated community, your children may have to adjust to a few more differences as well. Here are three changes your children need to make when moving into a gated community. 

They may need to memorize a gate code or carry a card

One major change that children who live in gated communities will go through is getting back in through the gate. Most gated communities also have gated sidewalks, which means that access from outside of the community will need to be granted. Some communities do this by having a gate code that must be entered into a keypad system. Other communities will use white gate cards that are similar to drive up electrical gate cards. Impress upon your children the importance of keeping up with the key or remembering the code. 

Get used to borders

If your children are used to having a large perimeter to explore, they may find that they have much less spaced to work with when they are in a gated community. Go on a primary exploration adventure with your children in order to figure out the new community boundaries. Exploring with them allows all of you to learn where the hot spots are, including the park, public spaces open to kids, and the boundaries of the neighborhood. Let your children know how far they are permitted to go when outside alone. 

All guests need to be buzzed in

Living outside of a gated community means that friends who visit can drive right up to your home. Inside of a gated community, all guests will need to be allowed entry. Some communities do this by having you provide a name to the gate guard. Other communities have a call box and allow you to buzz in your users. If your child is used to inviting friends over anytime, they will need to become accustomed to giving you time to prepare. Come up with a system for inviting friends over that makes it simple for friends to get past the front gate and allows you plenty of time to make this happen.

Consider these things when looking at gated community homes for sale.