Three Reasons To Tell Your Agent Why You Want To Sell

Proper communication between the real estate agent and client is integral to the entire process of selling a home. It's important to remember that there's no reason to withhold information from your agent — this real estate professional is on your side, and the more he or she knows about you, the better the agent can represent you. When you're selling your home, you already know that there are lots of things to tell the agent, such as what upgrades you've made, and when. However, you should also be clear with your agent why you want to sell. Here are some reasons that this is important: 

The Agent May Clarify The Timing

Sometimes, sellers can be misinformed about the selling process for a variety of reasons. For example, perhaps you're not quite ready to sell, but you've heard that the springtime is the best season for selling, so you're eager to list your house. Sharing this reason with your agent is important, as he or she may suggest changing the timing a bit. In many markets, the spring is indeed a good time to sell, but there's no real harm in listing later in the summer or even in the early fall. Perhaps your home needs some work, and taking a few months to remodel or update the home before listing it is a better idea.

The Agent May Recommend A Different Plan

Sharing your reason for selling can lead to instrumental changes in how you and your agent proceed. Perhaps you tell your agent that you're thinking of selling because you're nearing retirement age and wish to downsize. While this is a good reason, your agent may talk to you about your finances. Depending on your financial health, it may be a smart move to buy a smaller house or condo, but maintain ownership of your house to use as a rental property. If its mortgage is already paid, renting the residence can be a handy source of income.

The Agent May Advise You Against Selling

Agents often appreciate understanding your reason for selling so that they can advise you whether it's a good idea or not. While there are lots of valid reasons to want to sell, such as you've taken a job across town and wish to be closer to work, some people think about selling for poor reasons. If there's no legitimate rush to sell, your agent may advise you to hold off for a few years if market analysis suggests that your home will increase in value in the short term.