Selling A Home? Avoid These Two Common Mistakes For A Better Home Selling Experience

For most home sellers, the goals are simple - they simply want to get the highest purchase price possible, in the least amount of time. But in the rush to attain these goals, sellers sometimes attempt to skip over part of the preparation process or cut corners to save money. If you are planning to sell your home soon and want to reach your goals and have the best possible experience, avoiding the following all-too-common mistakes is the best place to begin.  

Putting the home on the market without properly preparing it

Whether it is a cleanliness issue, too much clutter, that gaping hole in the garage window that you forget about repairing, or any other condition or repair issue, putting a home on the market before addressing them will likely be an expensive, time-consuming mistake. Buyers who view homes with this type of problem will either lose all interest in the home or offer a deeply discounted price, based on their perception of the condition of the home when they viewed it. To avoid this problem, always allow enough time to make sure the home is in the best possible condition before putting that for sale sign in the yard. In addition, it is important to also make sure that the home is clean and welcoming for each and every showing opportunity, once it is on the active market. 

Experimenting with a too-high price point

Another common mistake that too many sellers make is experimenting with a price point that is higher than their local real estate market can support. Many try to justify this by saying that they just want to try to get the higher price for the home and will drop the price quickly, if unsuccessful. Doing this, however, means the home will be at risk of being ignored by market-savvy buyers and their agents who instantly realize that the price is too high. To avoid this mistake and make sure that all buyers and agents are more likely to see your home as an excellent value, price it correctly from the start. 

To ensure that your home is really ready to compete well in the local market place and correctly priced, ask your listing agent to assist you by compiling recent listing and sales data from similar homes in the area and creating a comparative market analysis or CMA, for you to study. This process will help you pinpoint the most likely selling price point for your home, helping to ensure that you achieve your goal of getting the best possible price for your home in the shortest amount of time. For more information, contact companies like ERA Curasi Realty.