Avoid These Shortsale Bloopers

Are you planning on selling your home and plan to do so through a short sale? If so, you need to understand that a short sale can go awry if it is not done correctly. Some people attempt to their own short sales based on information they have researched online. This can cause many problems, and they may not even sell their homes, which can put them in difficult circumstances. Savvy homeowners know the importance of including a real estate agent in their short sale processes. The following points will help you understand some mistakes you may make that can result in your short sale being a disaster. 

Improper Staging

Selling your home will involve buyers wanting to see the exterior and interior of your home. This is why proper staging is essential. You should aim for the interior and exterior to be neat and orderly. This means doing things such as cleaning up, cutting grass, and replacing broken items if you can afford to. Either way, ensure that you clean up, which should be a relatively cheap endeavor. Unkempt houses may send the message to buyers that they have not been cared for and might be riddled with house repairs.

Improper Listing

Some do-it-yourselfers list their properties and do not provide photographs. This means that listings will likely get lost in "a sea" of other listings that have photos in their listings. Some buyers will likely not be interested in a listing that does not have photos. People want to know what to expect before they arrive to view homes of interest. Enlisting the help of an agent will mean that photographs are a necessity. They will likely take them for you since they will be doing your marketing and listing.


Some homeowners think that pricing their homes low during a short sale will get it sold. However, this tactic does not always work. Pricing is best put at market value. Keep in mind the lender will have to be in agreement with the short sale. Real estate agents will have the knowledge needed to ensure that you do not underprice and run into problems with the sale. 

A real estate agent who has prior experience with short sales is a good resource to use for your short sale. They can offer more insight on things that could go wrong if you do it alone. One serious consequence is your home going into foreclosure due to you not being able to sell it.