Maximize Public Transit Convenience By Renting An Apartment With Specific Features

Where you live will have an enormous impact on how you get around the city. If you live in a large and spread out city, you may have to drive every time you want to go somewhere. Even living in a city with extensive public transportation options does not mean that you can go without a car because you still need to live in an area with easy access to these services.

If you want walking, biking, and public transit to be as convenient as possible, you should do extensive research while looking at apartments for rent to find a unit that fits these demands.

Bus Terminal Station

Living a few blocks away from a bus stop is helpful because it allows you to take a bus. Then, you can transfer to another bus depending on where you need to go. But, the ideal situation is when you can find an apartment near a bus terminal station where lots of buses stop at regularly. This will minimize the need to take several buses because there is a huge concentration of buses.

Bicycle Storage

Another way that you can get around easier without a vehicle while living in an apartment is riding a bicycle. But, it is understandable when you do not want to keep the bike in your unit, especially when you would like to live in a multi-story apartment in an upper floor unit. An apartment that provides dedicated bike storage makes it easy to own and use a bicycle.

Rail Station

While a bus terminal station will help for when you want to take the bus, you may also have a light rail system that you can use to get around the city. Living close to one of the stations will give you access to a public transit option that provides stationary stops on an accurate schedule.


Getting around the city whether you are walking, biking, or trying to get to public transit will not be easy if there are no sidewalks or they are not well-maintained. So, before you commit to any apartments, look at Google Street View to analyze all the nearby sidewalks. You can even pretend like you are going to one of the bus stops or transit stations to learn a lot about the pathways.

When you are willing to search until you get most or all these features in a rental apartment, you will make it easy to get around the city through walking, biking, and public transit alone. Contact a company like ABA Rental Properties Inc for more information and assistance.