Why Buyers Fear Vacant Houses, And What You Can Do To Overcome That Fear

If you are selling two similar houses in the same neighborhood, one occupied and one vacant, the occupied one is likely to sell faster than the vacant one. The vacant house is also likely to attract lower offers. Potential buyers may make low offers or fear your vacant house thinking that. The information below should help you face those fears.

You Are Desperate To Sell

The rationale is that you have already moved on and have no option but to sell the house, which means you can take a low offer. Maybe you have started a new job at a different location and can't afford or don't want to have two homes. They may also think that you are in the process of buying another house or has already bought another one and need to dispose of your vacant home.

The House Isn't Livable

Your potential buyers may also think that there is something seriously wrong with the house, it isn't livable, and you are keeping the information from them. For example, they may think that the house is constructed with dangerous materials (such as asbestos or lead) or has been infested with toxic mold, and that is why you aren't living in it.

The House Is Poorly Maintained

Selling your vacant home may be difficult even if you are selling a perfectly liable house and you aren't desperate. There is a general perception, and it is sometimes true, that taking care of a vacant home isn't as easy as taking care of an occupied home. It is easier to ignore small defects, such as clogged gutters and dripping faucets, if you aren't living in a house than if you are living in it and have to deal with the defects on a daily basis.

With the above difficulties in mind, employ these tips to help you sell your vacant house fast and at a good price:

  • Improve curb appeal and take care of little defects and malfunctions
  • Leave a selection of home furnishings, such as a couch and a bed, so that the house doesn't appear as if it has been vacant for long
  • Keep the lights on and collect your subscriptions (such as newspapers)
  • Ensure that all systems and infrastructure, such as plumbing and electrical systems, are operating efficiently

A real estate agent can help you sell your house fast whether it is vacant or occupied. Get a local agent who understands the "lay of the land," so to speak, to help you market the property and reach motivated buyers. Contact a company like Re/Max River & Sea for more information and assistance.