Will Buying a Home in a Short Sale Really Save You Money?

A common piece of advice given to people looking for bargains on homes is to purchase a short sale or a house that's been foreclosed upon. While it's true the purchase price of these homes is typically much less than the current market value of surrounding properties, that doesn't mean it's always cheaper to buy one. Here are a few hidden costs you need to factor in when making a bid on a short sale. [Read More]

Tips For Renting Commercial Office Space

Leasing an office for your business can be essential for allowing your employees and customers a place to do business. Unfortunately, there are many steps that people will frequently fail to take that could help them with avoiding problems, oversights and other issues that may have negative impacts on their experience with leasing office space. Identify Your Needs For Your Office Space One of the most important things that you can do to help you with choosing an office that will be suitable for your needs is to prepare a list of the various needs that your employees and clients will need. [Read More]

Three Changes Your Children Will Need To Make In A Gated Community

Moving to a new home means adjustments in the family all around. The adults will need to learn a brand new route to work and adjust to new bills. Children will have a different set of friends that live in their neighborhood and they will need to get on a new bus or will have a different commute. If your new family home is within a gated community, your children may have to adjust to a few more differences as well. [Read More]

Three Reasons To Tell Your Agent Why You Want To Sell

Proper communication between the real estate agent and client is integral to the entire process of selling a home. It's important to remember that there's no reason to withhold information from your agent — this real estate professional is on your side, and the more he or she knows about you, the better the agent can represent you. When you're selling your home, you already know that there are lots of things to tell the agent, such as what upgrades you've made, and when. [Read More]