Four Great Features To Look For In A Waterfront Home

Living by the ocean can feel like a dream come true. But while any oceanfront home may seem like  a luxury abode, you do want to take some time and make sure you purchase the right one. Here are four features to look for when shopping for an oceanfront home.

An Outdoor Shower

When you come in from walking or lounging on the beach, you won't want to track sand inside. When you have an outdoor shower, you can rinse it all off and avoid getting your home sandy. Plus, outdoor showers are lovely for enjoying the bright summer sun while getting clean. Look for one with a convenient walkway to the back door and a separate changing area so you can protect your privacy,

A Mud Room

A mud room is the perfect place to store your oceanfront equipment, from surfboards to beach chairs. This way, you don't have to take up your garage space to store items, and you don't have to clean them before bringing them back inside. Make sure the mudroom has either a hard floor or indoor-outdoor carpeting so it's easy to wash away the sand periodically.

A Clay Tile Roof

You'll find oceanfront homes with a wide range of roofing materials, but clay tile roofing is really the best choice if you can find it. These roofs last about 100 years. They're heavy enough that they won't blow off in a big storm, and they don't get worn down or corroded by the salty ocean air. Clay tile roofs are not all terracotta in color, either. You can find ones in traditional brown and black, and also in brighter colors.

New Windows

New windows are a nice feature to find in any home, but they're really important on a beachfront home. Older, leaky windows may let sand inside, and they may rattle so much that they crack when a heavy, oceanfront wind blows past. Look for new windows that are secure in their frames and free from air leaks. Casement and awning windows are good choices since they lock tightly into the frames, but good-quality double-hung windows are alright, too.

If you find an oceanfront home with the above qualities, then you can bet it is a good buy! Talk to your realtor to make sure you know exactly what the home is worth before making an offer. And act quickly -- a home with these features is sure to be in demand.