Capture That Buyer With Curb Appeal — In A Weekend!

If your home has recently joined the ranks of those on the market, you may want to take some extra steps to make your property stand out from the crowd. You can do a lot to make your home more memorable and attractive to buyers, and it can take surprisingly little time and money to do so. Read on for 9 quick and easy ways to add some curb appeal to the exterior of your home.

1. Make your front door a focal point and a welcoming spot by repainting it. While the old standard red is a classic, shades of blue and green have become very popular lately as well. Be sure to examine your lighting fixtures, door handles and other hardware and replace them if needed. Brushed nickle is hot right now and looks great with cool-toned paint colors.

2. When it comes to the curb area, you can't get any closer to the curb than the mailbox. This is an often-neglected spot, so freshen up with a new box and plant some low-growing shrubbery around the area with some colorful, season-appropriate blooms.

3. You might be surprised at how inexpensive some terracotta-style pots can be, and they make a wonderful accent near your door, porch, and walkway areas. The best part is that these resin material pots are not actually made of terracotta; they just look like the heavy and more expensive version. Do groupings of various sizes for greater interest.

4. If your siding is looking a bit soiled, you can rent a pressure washing machine by the day at home improvement stores. Be cautious around any peeling paint areas and landscaping; the pressure can catch you off guard.

5. The dream of finding a home with a white picket fence can still appeal to buyers, and the new plastic resin pieces of fencing can easily be added in a few hours time to give your home that cozy cottage look. Arches, arbors and trellises also add a pretty and charming touch.

6. A seating area near the front door will look welcoming and homey and invite buyers to stay a while. Outdoor benches are perfect, and water-resistant cushions make it look and feel comfy.

7. For a bit of a bigger project, you might want to replace your tired shutters or even to add shutters for some added appeal. This project should be manageable on your own, depending on how many windows you have and the elevation.

8. Spruce up your flower beds by weeding, changing out the mulch, and adding some new colorful plantings to sparse areas. Keep those large bushes pruned back to showcase your home to its best advantage.

9. Repaint any tired trim and replace any rotted wood trim areas, particularly those near the entrance.

For additional tips, contact a real estate agency in your area.